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Information Regarding the Healthcare Reform Act That Will Affect Your 2014 Taxes

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"…the abacus is an ancient but remarkably efficient Chinese calculator. Although not generally used in the United States, it is still a standard piece of equipment in Asian business offices. Because it represents timeless dependability, it is a most appropriate name."

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We Support QuickBooks, Peachtree and Other Accounting Software

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Our Mission:

Respectful and Professional Service, Client Retention, Ongoing Education

Our goal is to offer a variety of tax and accounting servcies to local individuals and businesses by maintaining a high level of integrity. We focus on creating and maintaining a level of service in our approach to processing business and personal tax returns that has been appreciated by all of our diverse clients for many years. Our expert accounting professionals are courteous, respectful and sympathetic to your needs. Our professional accounting staff is continually updating their knowledge of the latest tax law changes.

Why We are So Valuable:

1. We are available to our clients all year, not just during tax season...

2. We spend thousands of dollars each year protecting the security of our client's data.

3. We shred all sensitive documents...

4. We take the extra time to make sure our clients get their questions answered, and do that for them the entire year, most of time for no charge!

5. We process all of our work here at 399 Broadway, with real people that have been here for years. No work is processed in another country!

6. We offer free one on one tax appointments (on a first come first served basis).

7. We assist non-profit local businesses with low-cost/no-cost accounting fees so that our community can reap the benefits (schools included)!

8. We give chocolate with our tax returns and last but not least...

9. We have bright, shining, happy faces at our front desk.