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Information Regarding the Healthcare Reform Act That Will Affect Your 2014 Taxes

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Tax Updates


Important Information Concerning the HealthCare Reform Act:

Please be aware that in the coming tax season, anyone who has enrolled and is receiving health care coverage either by public or private sectors will receive a Form 1095 by mail.

PLEASE KEEP THIS FORM WITH YOUR TAX INFORMATION - It is imperative to completing your 2014 tax return.


If you /your family members are enrolled in a qualified health plan through the Marketplace.
Warning: you must keep records of your health care spending by each month!


If you /your family members are covered by "Minimum Essential" Health Coverage.


This form is for Employer-Provided Health Coverage.

Items Needed to Complete Your Income Tax Returns:

New Clients: a copy of 2013 & 2012 Tax Returns.

If anything changed from last year (married, baby) bring information on spouse or baby (baby's SSN).

W-2 Forms

1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement (If you have purchased a health care plan thru the federal government).

1099 Forms: Interest, Dividends, Mortgage Interest Statements, Stock Sales - Need Original Purchase Price of Stock!

Property taxes paid during the year. Need statements for SEV.

Contributions made during the year, cash and non-cash. Have them put a value on their non-cash donations (Household, clothing, etc.). Can find valuation guide online or we will give you one.

New home purchased, bring closing document. (If re-financed, bring closing documents.) We need settlement page.

Cost of license plate tabs.

If recently divorced, we need a copy of divorce papers.